Thursday, August 13, 2009

Turns out in Ireland, Tipping is indeed a city in China. So when you are at the pub, don't bother, seriously. Okay I might sound cheap, but no one tips the bar man. All right if a round is 19.80 and you are feeling frisky, leave the 2o cents, otherwise forget it. If you are dining out, it is customary to leave 5 to 10% for good service.

Just checking in with some more info about Ireland. I learned the hard way on my 2nd trip to Ireland when I went to charge my digital camera battery that not only were the plugs and outlets totally different (Irish plug pictured left), but the voltage is at a higher level. For those of you who will need to charge any batteries for you camera or otherwise, I will have a voltage converter that will accept US plugs at the concierge of the Tullamore Court hotel on the day of the wedding, so share nicely. they are bulky and kind of expensive, so this is not something you would necessarily want to buy. -Daniel